What is an Educational Assessment?

What is an Educational Assessment?

Educational assessment is an umbrella term which is used to encompass different types of evaluations conducted for various reasons. These assessments are recommended by teachers and other healthcare professionals and may include school-readiness assessments, barriers-to-learning assessments, applications for accommodations and concessions, subject choices and career choices.

Why does my child need to be assessed?

There are many different reasons why your child might need to be assessed by an educational psychologist. Educational assessments are often required for the following purposes:

  • To determine whether your child is ready to cope with formal schooling requirements (i.e., are they adequately prepared for primary school).
  • To explore reasons why your child is struggling at school and putting intervention plans in place to assist them (i.e., is there an underlying learning or emotional difficulty that your child is experiencing).
  • As part of the application requirements for accommodations and concessions during test and exam situations (e.g., for extra time, a spelling concession or a reader).
  • To assist adolescents and young adults make decisions about their careers and subject choices.

Different types of educational assessment

There are several different types of assessment. Most often, an evaluation involves a battery of tests (including cognitive, emotional and educational) and clinical observations which are conducted by the educational psychologist. The assessment instruments assist the psychologist to gain insight into your child and the difficulties or challenges that they are experiencing.

What will the outcome of the assessment be?

Once the assessment process is complete with your child, the educational psychologist will draft a report and provide you with feedback on the assessment results. You will receive a copy of the report and an intervention plan that includes a list of recommendations that need to be implemented to support and assist your child in overcoming their difficulties.

How long does the assessment process take and how much does it cost?

 The amount of time required for an assessment and the associated cost is dependent on the type of evaluation that is conducted on your child. Generally, the process takes a morning to complete, and the price is calculated based on the number of hours required to complete the process.

How do I book my child for an assessment?

If you would like more information about a certain type of assessment, you can contact me here https://wendymaitincasalis.co.za/contact-me/ for more information.

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  • Colin McKay
    Posted at 08:51h, 13 November Reply

    Useful summary Wendy. I’m also becoming increasingly aware of the need for assessments to become helpful and accessible working documents for future teachers working with the child

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